"So thankful and Grateful for Coach Katie. She's taught me a lot about practicing gratitude. I couldn't have gotten this far without your knowledge and experience."

Keshawn Boone, Owner of Konfident Kreations Event Planning.

Client Testimonials

"When I look at you I see myself Katie McGill. Thank You for Being You, because everytime you are it reminds me that it is okay to be my unapologetic self. I'm becoming supernatural everyday and you are apart of that WHY."

Yalmikia Edmonds, Salon Owner - Levonye Professionals


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Its time for Your Breakthrough

Stop delaying your dreams. Telling yourself " I'll do it Tomorrow. Tomorrow must be the longest day of the week because the last time I checked, tomorrow wasn't promised to anyone. Stop pushing things to tomorrow and act Now. Stop looking at others and thinking they have it all together. The only difference is they got started on their dreams and you've been procrastinating. Procrastination is a battle that all if us face one point or another. Sometimes your procrastination may be fueled by worry, or distraction or maybe because you feel forced. Change your mindset. Start being fed by motivation and not by procrastination.

-Katina McGill

Soon you too will change all of this....

When you invest in life coaching you will soon realized that it was necessary to learn the truth about yourself and that it was time to GROW. If you have a desire to change your negative self-talk and start restructuring your feelings, then join me for a session to  identify emotions, & increase both verbal and non verbal communication. Developed self-awareness and started re-framing negative situations TODAY.

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