Introverted Black Girl with Extroverted Qualities

I am a full time entrepreneur, mom, wife with an introverted personality, & my husband is an extroverted Special Education Teacher. For me, this has been quite a learning experience for my husband and for myself.

He's the yin to my yang. Although we are quite different, we compliment one another very well. I have learned a great deal of communication from my husband, how to assert myself in situations where I once avoided due to the fear of conflict. I was never afraid of the actual conflict, but more so how I might respond to it. Although conventional wisdom believes you need to be an extrovert to succeed in life, my experience and recent research say otherwise. There is also a false perception that introverts don’t communicate and lead with great influence or effectiveness. Nothing could be further from the truth. (Merrick, 2016)

  1. Know yourself, your tendencies and strengths. ...

  2. Embrace quality over quantity in conversations. ...

  3. Equip yourself with a variety of tools. ...

  4. Invest in your communications skills. ...

  5. Give yourself alone-time to think, imagine. ...

  6. Make meetings work for you. ...

  7. Go easy on yourself outside your comfort zone.


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