I help Women stop procrastination by creating a clear and concise plan. With a series of personal development courses and experience as a Certified Life Coach, I can help you overcome FEAR, PROCRASTINATION and build CONFIDENCE in as little as *6 weeks.


I struggled with self doubt and fear. I was overwhelmed and underserved. I was always afraid to give my all because I was afraid that if I became successful, that I'd ruin it. My relationships were not where I wanted them to be and I felt stuck but always felt like I had to hide it. The "Strong Black Woman" syndrome had plagued my life. I had no purpose. 

My mental health was at risk constantly because I was always people pleasing and contradicting myself. My vision was distorted. I felt sadness in the workplace and never felt confident in my abilities because I wasn't happy in my 9-5. I was always too afraid to ask for help because I always felt like it would back fire. After quitting job after job after job, I knew I had to reclaim my life. It was time to find my purpose. 


I decided to go on a spiritual journey at the age of 24. It was a struggle initially, but I learned discipline, I learned how to persevere and I learned how to build my relationship with GOD. I saw a therapist and I am so thankful for her. She taught me Cognitive Behavior Therapy- and it changed my life. 

I decided to become a life coach in 2015 after studying Psychology in college. I started my own business in 2017 to help other women Master Their Purpose. 

Today, I journal regularly, exercise, I am married to a loving man and we have a beautiful daughter. I am studying to become a licensed Psychologist & I live for ME and I no longer follow old belief systems, work for toxic employers, or put my goals on the back burner. I have MASTERED MY PURPOSE and YOU CAN TOO!

Allow me to share my story...

Image by Tim Mossholder

 "What a man can be, he must be."

-Abraham Maslow 

 You have to give birth to yourself. 

If you are not doing what you are good at in life, then of course you will feel like an imposter. It will not matter whether or not you are meeting your needs in other areas. You must discover your true potential and seek out new ventures that motivate you and compliment your personality.

What you can be you must BE.